Daniel Anhorn
single channel video, 12 min 15 sec. duration
Video Performance. In a seemingly domestic environment, the sitter is recorded by a camera which simultaneously records to itself and an out-of-shot secondary recording device. The cable length connecting the two devices is increased incrementally by the sitter, by pulling out rolls of cable from behind him and adding them, which gradually increases the electrical resistance in the cable. The sitter unravels and disconnects the cables, leading to black periods on the right channel. As the cable is reconnected, the right channel signal is restored and a further degradation of the signal is recorded while the channels' timelines and dual figures' actions go out further and further of sync in time as well, progressively from a perfectly synchronized dual image to distortion and pixellization, loss of color, and further distortion and signal noise until nothing is recorded on the right channel.
The viewer is invited to think in terms of time, distance, communication, and the notion of self in relation to other.
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